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Industrial Tycoons


Business freak? It's time to become extravagant. Help yourself with drawing skills and imagination power. Be a cherry on the cake by thinking like an industrial tycoon.

Team Members

This event allows team participation with 2 members only.


Round 1:

As all engineers are familiar with engineering drawing.
First round consists of basic engineering views understanding.
Teams will be given with different isometric views one side and they have to find correct matching orthographic views from other side in given 2-3 minutes.
Correct match will give you point and wrong pairs are not accepted.

Round 2:

In second round teams are given with some puzzles of plant-layouts. Participants have to use their common logic to optimize that layout with lesser travel distance in given time limits with maximum number of solved puzzles.
This plant layout are very easy to grasp so all year students can easily understand.
If required than pre-learning free workshop is also given to teams before event.

Round 3:

Final round is about presentation of complete making of components in industry.
All teams are given with some basic objects like door-handle, screw, motor, tube.
Teams have to explain how they will manufacture given component as if their own industry, like how to manufacture, how they allocate work to different industry compartment, packing, finishing,arketing up to delivery in less possible cost.



  • Round 1:

    Winners will be decided based on more correct pairs of views in given time limit.

  • Round 2:

    More solving in given limits leads you to the top.

  • Round 3:

    Final winners will be given by judges as per their performance.


Event Co-ordinators

  • Meet Upadhyay



  • Himalay Patel



  • Paras Limbasiya



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