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Not the target, archery revolves around the arrow.
A much focused as you are, make sure your arrow is.
Make your own mechanized crossbow and hit them with your skills.
Get your aim game strong, mate!

Team Members:

2-3 Members


Round 1:

Part1: Teams will be given limited time slot and they have to orally present their crossbow in the best possible manner. Part2: Accuracy and range of their crossbow will be tested.

Round 2:

Part1 :Post hitting the target, participant needs to answer basic question attached to target. part2: Participants have to shoot pyramid of cups.

Round 3:

Moving targets and couple of surprise tasks will be given.



  • Round 1:

    On the basis of presentation and accuracy,range of crossbow.

  • Round 2:

    On the basis of answer and no. of cups shot.

  • Round 3:

    Points will be given based on the accuracy and time taken. Team with maximum points wins.


Constraints :

  • The maximum allowed dimensions for the crossbow are 800×600 mm (l×b) (top view) and height should not exceed 400 mm.

  • The maximum dimensions for the arrow are 400 mm length and 10 mm diameter.

  • The motion to the arrow must be strictly given by mechanical means (i.e. by spring, elastic material, etc.) And any other means like pneumatic, electric, etc. will not be allowed.

  • The participants are required to prepare minimum 3 to maximum 5 arrows.

  • Metallic material should strictly not be used for preparing arrows

Event Co-ordinators

  • Bhargav R. Bhoi



  • Meet Sankdecha



  • Jaynil K. Dave



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