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Check your connections and re brush your simulation skills because this event tests your hardware and software skills at the same time.
So, if you think you’ve got the precision and skills for this then this is the event for you.


Two team members


Round 1:

Technical quiz which includes the multiple choice questions regarding basics of electronics, current trends in electronics and will have some exciting questions on MATLAB debugging.

Round 2:

In this round the participants have to implement a simple circuit using Lab View software.

Round 3:

This round will have treasure hunt in the beginning where participants will have to solve technical clues to reach up to the destination. After this they will be given components and using them they need to achieve the output as per the instructions.



  • Round 1:

    Teams will be shortlisted on the basis of marks scored in the quiz

  • Round 2:

    60 minutes will be given to the participants to perform the task, decision will be made on time and output basis.

  • Round 3:

    90 minutes will be given in total to the participants for the treasure hunt and the circuit implementation, winner will be announced on time and output basis.

  • Note: Decision of the judges and coordinators will be final and binding to all.


Event Co-ordinators

  • Rajnandini Tiwari



  • Yatri Patel



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Note: Certificate will be provided to the only participant who is registered and at the same day present in the event.