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Chemo-enthusiasts, awaken. Identify the chemicals in the initial phase and create an incredible cosmos of eye-appealing reactions from them.
Make your way to the final round by removing impurities from the liquid given to you.
Brush up your constructive skills by making a filter. May the best creator win!


Round 1:

  • Phase 1 :

A tricky question in the form of puzzle or riddle on the property or applicability of the concerned chemical will be given and participants must answer it correctly.

  • Phase 2 :

Based on the chemical identified and the set of table reagents given, participants will have to perform a magical reaction. They will also have to explain the mechanism.

Round 2:

Mud or silt uniform water of known mechanism will be given and their filter will have to remove maximum mud or silt.
Maximum five absorbent will be allowed.

Round 3:

Participants will make a filter in which a known solution of KMnO4 of known pH will be passed. Filter should bring down the concentration of KMnO4 and pH closest possible to 7.



  • Round 1:
    Answer of the question, Magical effect, Reaction Mechanism

  • Round 2:
    Concentration of Gradient, pH change (should be near to 7)

  • Round 3:
    Volume of Solution Obtained. Time Taken. Change in concentration and pH as compared to Round 2, Titration techniques.



Q1. How many participants per team?
Ans: Maximum of three.


Q2. Do all participants have to be from the same college?
Ans: No. The members of the team can be from different colleges.

Q3. Are there any prerequisites for participating in this event?
Ans: Just a basic knowledge on electronics will suffice for participating in the event.


Constraints :

  • No membranes allowed. Only five absorbents can be used.

  • Dimensions: (0.5×0.5×0.75)m

Event Co-ordinators

  • Viraj Dalsaniya



  • Vrundan Pandya



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