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Pump Shoot Clean


Make a pump. Simple isn’t it? But wait, there’s more.
Can your pump endure our tests and be victorious? Transport water from one bucket to another, shoot water jets and filter the dirty water to triumph.


Round 1:

Teams will have to transfer water from 1 bucket to another using their pumps in given time.

Round 2:

In this round, participants will shoot water jet from bucket using their pumps.

Round 3:

Teams will have to modify their pump at their own by things available at home.
Then they will have to transfer 1 litre of water from 1 bucket to another along with cleaning it.



  • Round 1:

    Volume of water transported by the pump.

  • Round 2:

    Distance covered by the water jet formed.

  • Round 3:

    The Design, the volume of water transported and magnitude of cleanliness


Constraints :

  • Dimentions should not be greater than 1*1 feet.

  • Motor used in pump should not be greater than 6000rpm.

  • Inlet and outlet pipe should be 1/4 inch level.

  • Using membrane for filtration is not allowed.

Event Co-ordinators

  • Jainil Bhatt



  • Ketul Modh



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