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Warrior Run


Want to be a Mario this year? Have a jungle run and wander in dark forest with secret goggles.
Be a warrior and win over the castle.


This event allows team participation with 3 members.


Round 1:

This round is a basically a robot race
In this round, participants will have to build a robot which can complete the task by avoiding hurdles.

Round 2: “VR Experience”

In this round, the participants have to build a mobile holder on the robot. They will be given VR Headset which will be connected to camera placed on the holder on robot.
Participants will have to complete the task by wearing that headset and gain the maximum points.

Round 3: “Warrior in the Castle” (Pick and Place)

Participants will have to make a robot having pick and place mechanism.
They will have to pick and place objects and at last, they have to pick princess and keep it in the safe zone and complete the subtasks to gain maximum points.

  • NOTE:  Decision of the judges and coordinators will be final and binding to all.



    • Team whose robot crosses the finish line in the least time wins.



    Q1. How many participants per team?
    Ans: Maximum of three.


    Q2. Do all participants have to be from the same college?
    Ans: No. The members of the team can be from different colleges.

    Q3. Are there any prerequisites for participating in this event?
    Ans: Just a basic knowledge on electronics will suffice for participating in the event.


    Constraints :

    1) Robot Dimension: 30 x 25 x 30 cms
    2) Maximum Voltage: 12V
    3) Minimum Wire Length: 2 meters
    4) Maximum block dimension to be picked: 12 x 12 x 12 cms
    5) Mobile holder is required for Round 2
    6) No readymade pick and place mechanism will be allowed in Round 3

    Event Co-ordinators

    • Patel Ravi



    • Shah Darshan



    • Yash Shethwala



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    Note: Certificates will be provided to participants who are registered and present in at least 1st round of the event, after the completion of final round.