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Builder's Hut


Recognise the building materials and tools from the clues given to you. Solve the puzzles that lead to more puzzles. Finish off by exhibiting your architectural abilities by planning a building onto given conditional factors.


3 to 4 members only.


Round 1:

Participant has to select 5 cards randomly from the deck, each card will have a number and each number will represent a civil material or equipment, one has to name that thing.

Round 2:

Solve hints and each answer leads to another hint. Hints may include civil related clues.

Round 3:

Teams have to design a building abiding by the bye-laws according to the given area and then draw it on a sheet. They also have to implement this using clay and other materials.



  • Round 1:

    The students will be judged on the basis of their technical knowledge.

  • Round 2:

    In this round the teams will be shortlisted on the basis of the time taken by them to complete the task.

  • Round 3:

    In this round the participants will be judged on the basis of aspect, economy, functionality and building bye-laws.

  • NOTE:  Decision of the judges and coordinators will be final and binding to all.


Event Co-ordinators

  • Zeel Patel



  • Hiten Patel



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Note: Certificate will be provided to the only participant who is registered and at the same day present in the event.